Archive | August, 2002

8/24/02. Eureka Fair, Eureka, MT

24 Aug

Back at the Eureka fair again. Time is passing so quickly. I think I started all these journal entries last year with the fair as one of the first entries. So everything is the same and also completely different. No bugle girls from Canada at the fair this year like last year, but I enjoyed myself just the same. The stage was a bouncy one. So bouncy that the more I got into the rhythmn of a song, the more I ended up moving the stage. There came a point in every song where I had to choose between the rhythmn of the song, or of the bouncing stage which, was in rhythmn with a song for a little while only before it found it’s own bounce. I am NOT on drugs… this really happened and I can write about it if I want to. No, no, don’t take me away….

8/17/02. Club Cigar, Great Falls, MT.

17 Aug

Beautiful drive here from Yellowstone. Lots of sky and sagebrush – the vistas reminded us of New Mexico. Some cool towns with hot springs that I know I’ll want to come back to someday. Cottonwood groves by the river and some amazing canyons. I won’t mention the highway lest it become more heavily travelled. Who am I kidding? Montana is becoming heavily travelled. I am amazed by how hard it is to make a left turn sometimes. A fun night at the Club Cigar, especially towards the end of the night. Now I know what an Irish car bomb is… Thanks, Don. My guitar was completely fine tonight, didn’t freak out once. Strange.

8/16/02. The Bear Pit Lounge, Yellowstone Park, WY.

16 Aug

A mellow but nice night at the Bear Pit. Once I got my guitar to make it through a song without freaking out, that is. A loose connection? Dry air? Electrical interference? Alien beings trying to speak through my guitar to the people at the bar? I don’t know, but I couldn’t play through an entire song in the first set without having to stop and bang on my guitar.

8/15/02. The Mangy Moose, Jackson, WY.

15 Aug

The landscape down here is beautiful. I guess that’s why there are so many $%#!!&! people and cars down here. Not that I’m complaining – where there are people there is music. But it sure is hard to make a left turn around here. It was a good night at the Mangy Moose. I got to open for Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons. I’ve seen them in Whitefish a few times and I am definitely a fan. There is a giant moose pulling a sleigh here. I imagine somebody under the influence must have jumped from the upper level onto the moose, suspended with chains from the ceiling. I know I was was tempted.

8/7/02. The Laughing Horse Lodge, Swan Lake, MT.

5 Aug

A very mellow evening at the Laughing Horse, but a nice one. It’s always a pleasure to be back here. I’ve already mentioned the food, it is awesome. Early august and it was cold enough to kick up the wood stove.