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7/25,26,27/02. Arts in the Park, Kalispell, MT

27 Jul

No entry at this time…

7/19/02. The Northern Lights, Polebridge, MT.

19 Jul

Always a pleasure to return to polebridge. I’ve already described it in my other musical journal entries so I won’t repeat myself. It was a perfect night weather-wise for picking and singing on the porch. A really excellent lap steel player sat in for a set and it was nice to have a little musical company. We made a mic stand for him out of a tennis racket, a large rock, duct (duck) tape (of course) and a small middle eastern drum. I’d draw you a picture, but… It was nice to see some friends there that I didn’t expect to see.

7/18/02. Belton Chalet, West Glacier, MT.

18 Jul

This was a fun show. I played in a pretty small room but the windows and doors were open so the people sitting outside on the wrap around deck were listening, although I wasn’t aware of that at the time. I met some great people, including one with an unusual but very cool name and even got to play a spanish song or two that people actually knew and appreciated. Very much looking forward to coming back here next time…

7/3/02. Depot Park , Kalispell, MT

3 Jul

I played here at our live sound gig. We do the sound for the people who play here, and today we got to do the sound for me. It was actually my first time playing with all my looping gear etc. on such a large sound system. Of course we can’t use our sound system at home to practice with as it uses way more power than our solar-powered system can deliver. So we still need to iron out the little glitches, but today was fun anyway. It’s fun to play with BIG speakers.