Archive | June, 2002

6/28,29/02. Old Faithful Lounge, The Bear Pit, Yellowstone Park, WY

29 Jun

They gave us a cute little bungalow/cabin to stay in right near Old Faithful. Walking back from the gig late one night we saw a wolf right there in front of the lodge. Nobody else was around and I guess the wolf was eating some kind of people food. It wasn’t too scared of us, that’s for sure. The Inn here is a marvel of construction. It’s like half Grizzly Adams and half Doctor Seuss. It’s built out of logs, some BIG ones, and there are some funky little turrets and a catwalk that give it that Dr . Seuss feel. We had a good time here and look forward to returning next summer

6/27/02. Cassie’s Supper Club, Cody, WY

27 Jun

This was a great place. People are super friendly around here and the natural scenery surrounding the town is fairly amazing. We came through Yellowstone and saw bison and elk, but we also saw a grizzly bear that was maybe 10 yards from the road. Linda kept trying to get closer and follow it into the woods with her video camera. I tried to get her to keep a little bit of distance. I guess excitement is stronger than fear. A man next to us also looking at the bear said to his friend, ” Wow, look at the bear. He’s a pretty one, it looks like a grizzly bear. Holy %^$!!#$, it is a grizzly bear. Holy $#$@##$!” A nice time playing at Cassie’s, met some nice people and ate some prime rib. I hope to be back here soon.

6/22/02. Cogswells Smoke House, Wallace, ID

22 Jun

Well, I gotta say that this was one of the funnest nights yet. As soon as we pulled into town from the interstate we liked Wallace. It’s got a lot of history as a mining town and it actually had legal prostitution houses until 1988 when they were forced to close down. There weren’t a whole lotta people out and about tonight, but the people who were here were into the music and it was just a great place to play. There is a mural on the inside of the bar that wraps around most of it. It’s a scene of a valley that some guy painted in exchange for beer a long time ago and it’s great. I was handed a pair of binoculars to look at it with – there were a ton of little details that you wouldn’t pick up with your naked eyes. With the binoculars I noticed eagles and a moose and an outhouse and a fire tower and etc. etc. Looking forward to coming back here in November.

6/21/02. Symes Hotel, Hot Springs, MT

21 Jun

It’s hard to write a little blurb about a show in Hot Springs and not focus on the hot springs. The springs are hot, and as I was soaking I was wondering what my life would be like if I started and ended everyday with a soak. I imagine life would be quite different, better or worse I can’t say. I mean, it would obviously be very nice, but would I become addicted? Would I need my soak to feel right? Maybe I’ll spend a winter here some time and find out. A noble experiment awaiting me…

6/14/02. Flicker’s Coffeehouse, Helena, MT

14 Jun

My first time playing at Flicker’s Coffeehouse. At first things were as mellow as could be; a little too mellow. But as the night went on people started to come in and by the end of the night I was sorry to have to stop as it was just starting to become a really nice scene. Oh well, better late than never. It was actually a really good night – I’m looking forward to coming back here in the fall.

6/13/02. Leaf & Bean, Bozeman, MT

13 Jun

A fine evening in Bozeman at The Leaf And Bean. It was my second time playing here and it felt good to play. This was my first show in Montana after playing on the way to New york and back, and what can I say? Montana just feels good. People are different here than other places in the USA. I love it and I’m glad to be back.

6/04/02. OPL BAR opened for Milkhouse, Syracuse, NY

4 Jun

Opened up for Milkhouse at the OPL, not too many people on this particular Tuesday evening, but I enjoyed playing for the people who were here. Thanks to Milkhouse for lending me their PA and some of their playing time.