5/17/02. Border’s Books, Rapid City, SD

17 May

We got up a little late this morning in Great Falls, so we had to boogie to get here on time. We were a little late and it’s a drag to have to hurry to a gig and not have time to eat or relax before playing. But I live and I learn and next time I’ll make sure to get up early. I enjoyed this town the Black Hills are beautiful. We met some great great people who let us stay in their guest house and cooked us breakfast in the morning- thank you, thank you!! When total strangers open up their homes to you and trust you without knowing you at all just because they want to help you, then it’s hard not to be happy living here on earth. Most people view us with suspicion and underlying fear these days, especially driving a 1980 van around. To prove that point, after the show we got gas and as soon as we pulled out of the gas station we got pulled over by a police car. He said that our headlights weren’t on but I don’t believe him. He was nice and let us go after verifying that we weren’t terrorists or car thieves, but what a drag just the same. Good luck, bad luck. I’d rather remember the good luck, without completely forgetting the bad.

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