Archive | March, 2002

3/29/02. The Daily Grind, Pullman, WA

29 Mar

Back again at the Grind… More vanilla freezes and this is just a great place to play. Linda got up on stage to play a little bass and saw a few familiar faces- thanks for coming out! I’ll be a heading back this way soon, I’m sure.

3/28/02. The Moontime, Coeur d’Alene, ID

28 Mar

Loud, loud, loud is what this was. There were lots of people doing lots of talking and I tried my best to cut through it with my sound system and for the first time I wished I had MORE POWER in my PA amplifier… Lots of feedback but still a pretty good night. I like this town with it’s huge lake.

3/2/02. The Daily Grind, Pullman, WA

2 Mar

More good times at the Daily Grind. This is a large coffehouse – at least 3 or 4 rooms. I liked playing here a lot. A college town with good vibes. There is a great used book store across the street, I could spend days in there… I definitely look forward to coming back here in the near future.

3/1/02. The Blackbird Java House, Lewiston, ID

1 Mar

Good times at the Blackbird Coffeehouse… Not too many people out and about on this evening, but had a good time anyway and I definitely look forward to returning here soon. I love that overlook on highway 95 where you can see all of Lewiston and the small mountains/large hills that surround it. It’s officially as cool or cooler at nighttime as it is during the daytime. That’s my humble opinion, anyway.