Archive | February, 2002

2/16/02. Eichardt’s, Sandpoint, ID

16 Feb

This is an oasis of music, beer, and food. Really cool atmosphere inside and great buffalo wings. I’m always on the prowl for a good buffalo wing and Eichardt’s has ’em. I’ve played here a few other times with a band, but this was my first night here as a solo. I had a lot of fun. A lot of places that you play at that serve alcohol, the people don’t really listen. But not here – people were listening and that connection between performer and audience that makes it a worthwhile experience was here. I believe I made one of my last political comments here. I didn’t say much, but even the word “political” seems to drum up tension and spoil the mood. Especially these days… So I’d rather let the music do the talking and I’ll stay quiet from now on.

2/15/02. Alberto’s, Bonners Ferry, ID

15 Feb

A very mellow evening playing at Alberto’s restaurant… Connie makes a fine margarita. Not much to say about this night except that this is a really nice place, lots of a Mexican masks on the walls of a nice log cabin. Pretty cool to be playing with all those masks staring at you…

2/9/02. Laughing Horse Lodge, Swan Lake, MT

9 Feb

Back at the Laughing Horse Lodge… It’s starting to feel like home away from home. The food here is amazing, people, if you ever pass by on the swan valley highway you’d be a fool not to eat here. Well, maybe fool is a strong term, but you’d be wise if you did. Eat here, that is. Not too many people here tonight, kind of a low energy evening, but that’s okay, we’ll be back when the weather’s getting warm.

2/8/02. The Raven Cafe,Missoula, MT

8 Feb

A stage made out of palettes and plywood… from which to reach the people eating great food and playing pool. Met some VERY interesting people here tonight, and I mean that in a good way. Missoula is full of traffic during the day, but I like it a lot at night. I hope to come back to this town pretty soon.

2/7/02. The Leaf & Bean Cafe, Bozeman, MT

7 Feb

As we rolled into Bozeman, we quickly noticed the shift from older to newer. A college town, young people everywhere. We had root beer floats for dinner, oh yeah, ice cream is the ultimate pre gig food… Well, once in a while anyway. They say you shouldn’t eat dairy before singing, it promotes too much mucose production or something… Maybe the root beer canceled that out cause I had no problems… This was a good show, lots of noise from the espresso machine and plates clanging, but we met some like minded people and had a good time.

2/6/02. Sacred Ground, Butte, MT

6 Feb

I started out my second mini tour at The Sacred Ground. This is a very cool space in downtown Butte. The acoustics are really good for a one person show. There are paintings on the walls and the place feels good – you can definitely tell that people come here to meditate, do yoga, or otherwise expand their consciousness. I had a great time playing for the open minded people here, I hope to come back and play again… Also, the architecture of Butte is awesome. Every house, every building, or so it seems, is unique. No subdivision type houses here, at least on the hill… We enjoyed driving around just checking out the town the next morning.