Archive | January, 2002

01/13/02. Down the Hatch, Polson, MT

13 Jan

Well, when I walked into Down The Hatch in Polson in the afternoon a few hours before my gig, I had serious second thoughts about playing here. I sure as hell wasn’t gonna leave my gear there for a few hours without worrying about it… Especially after last night at the super nice gourmet resort Laughing Horse Lodge, this was a smoky bar filled with quite a few people radiating unhappiness and negativity. But, it was a Sunday night and I guess the unhappy people went to their unhappy homes and it actually was a kinda fun show. Even though there was one lady in the audience who kept asking me to play a blues tune. Sorry, lady, I’ve take a sacred vow to never play the blues again… Well, I’m just burnt out on it for the next 10 years at least. I used to really like the blues when I was a teenager.

01/12/02. Laughing Horse Lodge, Swan Lake, MT

12 Jan

The food at the Laughing Horse Lodge is gourmet all the way. I really like this place. I can’t wait to go back here and play and stay again. Kathy and Rich are quite alright in my book. It was a good show for just a few people. But I’ll take just a few people who are into the music and really listening over a crowded bar full of people half-listening anyday.

01/11/02. Symes Hotel, Hot Springs, MT

11 Jan

Hot Springs, MT – yeah! I can’t believe I’ve been based in MT for 8 years and have never been here before. Love that sulfur water. It makes brushing your teeth much more interesting. The Symes Hotel is a great old place, it’s like New England in MT. This was a good show, super laid back. I guess everybody is just so relaxed from soaking in that hot water.