Archive | October, 2001

10/18/01. The Eureka Book Co., Eureka, MT

18 Oct

My first ever solo concert! I’ve played lots of clubs and other places, but this was everyone in the room watching and listening. No distractions – no eating, no drinking, no talking… Yeah, I was pretty nervous at first, but then all that nervous energy was transformed into a ‘performance high’. I admit it, I am now addicted. Speaking of addictions, Linda confessed her addiction to Dr. Pepper and an unnamed person in the audience also admitted her dependence on Dr. Pepper. Two Dr. Pepper junkies in one small town; hmmmmm…..Well, I love this place anyway. Thanks everybody, for coming out!

10/4/01. The Northern Lights, Polebridge, MT

4 Oct

The peaks of Glacier Park in the background set off Shane and Heaven getting married in a small and very special wedding ceremony. The food was amazing and what else can I say? This is an amazing place, and it’s not just because of the scenery. Congratulations Shane and Heaven.