Archive | August, 2001

8/26/01. The Lincoln County Fair, Eureka, MT

26 Aug

This was a pretty good show, although using someone else’s PA often makes getting your sound the way you like it more difficult than usual. I never did get my sound here, but I had a good time anyways. The Cranbrook Girl’s Bugle Core was a surreal and refreshing intermission. 20 or so high school girls with bugles and drums is a guaranteed good time.

8/24/01. The Northern Lights, Polebridge,MT

24 Aug

This was a fun super laid back show. Playing on the porch looking at the setting sun with sunglasses while people played volleyball and a small flock of kids danced around like birds making bird noises… it’s a lot of fun to play when there are dancing children trying to be birds… I hope to experience this again someday soon. The Northern Lights is a great place. Great people and great food near some of the greatest senery in the world – Glacier Park. Great! What more could you ask for?